The story of fluoridation can be told from many angles. We invite you to investigate the broader issue of the origins of fluoridation for yourself. The following website is a good place to start, it contains views from every angle of the debate with links to dig deeper:

The collective public history of fluoridation is in line with the account of debate on fluoridation in Wilmington, NC. From the City minutes of Wilmington, NC on August 18, 1954 the policy of fluoridation was discussed in City Council. Unfortunately, there is no contextual backdrop to City minutes, they are simply the record of what was said, but it is clear that those charged with investigating it for the City were not comfortable with the policy.

It is clear that the issue was initially brought to bear by an inquiring public because the majority of the City Council members in 1954 were against its implementation, including the Mayor at the time stating, "...the city Council is in an embarrassing position; that the public was asked to give us a vote on the subject and the result was a 2 to 1 vote for fluoridation; and the City Council is only adhering to the wishes of the people who voted". As was the City Attorney against its implementation, "Upon inquiry, the City Attorney stated that he has always been opposed to fluoridation; that, in his opinion fluoridation is not the obligation of the city government; that, medication by a governmental unit is beyond the scope of governmental service..."

This puts into context a major point in the favor of those of us who oppose fluoridation- is it really governments place to determine our medical needs? Isn’t it beyond the scope of government to force us to be exposed to it? The result of the public vote in favor was the implementation of the policy of fluoridation in Wilmington, NC initiated on July 1st, 1955. As far as can be researched this issue has not been re-addressed since this date. We need to wake up! We’ve learned a lot since 1955.